Pool Water Features

Your new pool is all about fun and relaxation, and the features you add can make your pool time even better. We offer everything from water heaters to lights, water features like standalone fountain pads, work-savers like vacuums, and the most popular toys, games, floats, and slides. 


There’s nothing like getting into your pool or spa at the perfect temperature. Extend your outdoor fun season with a water heater. Hayward’s advanced line of heaters delivers the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency while maintaining your ideal pool or spa water temperature all season long. 

Light Features

Some of your most magical moments in your pool will be after the sun goes down. After all, that beauty, solitude, and joy are what made you want a pool! Create the perfect atmosphere with pool lights, transformers and lighting controls from S.R. Smith. Whether you choose LED pool lights that offer a range of colors, or fiber optic lights to create dramatic star floor effects, S.R. Smith has the lighting products you need to elevate your pool after dark. We can even install lighting features on above ground pools now too. Tell us what you’d love, and we’ll help you create your dream pool. 

Water Features

Love the fun of water fountains? Have kids who need a higher-energy play feature for their outdoor summer fun? The WetDek backyard splash pad is a great complement to your existing pool, a unique add-on for new pool construction, or can be installed as a stand-alone, play-in water feature. This zero-depth splash pad is available with 6, 9, or 12 jets and has a 4-channel programmable controller with customizable water play configurations. Got even more ideas? Add additional water features to your inground or above ground pool. Carvin’s Starjet is an optional feature that’s fun for the kids during the day and calming for you at night. Check out above ground options for more information. 


It’s important to clean your pool regularly so you can continue to enjoy it throughout the season. In addition to treating the water, the floor, walls and water line need to be cleaned. Regular cleaning can take some of the fun away from your weekends and evenings, so you’re in luck: BWT robotic pool cleaners are here to help!

These tireless little helpers perform in-depth cleaning, keeping the water clear and all your surfaces spotless. Make your job even easier with a connected model, and take control of the robotic cleaner using your smartphone or tablet. Your pool will always be sparkling clean, and you’ll have more time and energy for fun!

Toys, Games & Floats

Whether your pool time is about you or the kids relaxing, playing, competing, or just having a blast, we give you tons of options for pool entertainment and relaxation. If you’ve seen it, we have it, from water baskets to slides, toys, floats and games. Make your wish list, then call us to request a quote. 

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Our friendly staff are here to make it easy for you to find all the features and fun you need in and around your pool all season long. Stop in to see what we have in stock or contact us today!

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